What is a YouTube channel?

A YouTube channel is a (free) web page that displays videos.

YouTube channel account owners can upload videos for their audience to find and view, customize the channel's web page elements like layout, background and color scheme, link to favorite videos from other users, show activity streams, show comments, list subscribers and make available other social networking features on the account page, if desired.

Here's a list of YouTube's ever-growing  ".EDU channels"

Also, please review this TegrityNW channel where our very own State board's WAOL staff collaboratively share a YouTube channel with many Washington state community colleges as they compile and disseminate their growing collection of Tegrity training videos! Now that's the way to grow resources quickly!

How to Sign Up for a YouTube channel

  1. Watch this video (2.5 minutes)
  2. Peruse this help page http://www.google.com/support/...
  3. Fill out this form, http://youtube.com/create_account

What is a quality YouTube video?

When we make any video (or any presentation) it's very important to keep your topic 'in focus' and avoid the 'talking head'. Be interesting!!

The two educational videos shown below (Where Do Good Ideas Come From and Changing Education Paradigms) demonstrate creatively how to narrate an ever-morphing storyboard. While these would not be easy for most of us to do, they do inspire us to be creative when we tell a story.

A seemingly simplier way to do something similar can be found at the bottom of this page where we've posted the famous "Google Docs in Plain English" by Lee LeFever  - who also has his own YouTube channel now.

Very creative but not easy to produce

Very creative but not easy to produce

The infamous "... In Plain English" video!

I probably shouldn't post this .. but what the heck, education should be entertaining too, right? ;)