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Tips Tricks & Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts
These little tricks are a quick way to cut down the time taken up by going back and forth between the mouse and keyboard.  At first it will take a bit of time to get into the habit of using them, however, over time you will increase your speed greatly.
Frequently used Shortcuts:
  • Ctrl + a   Selects everything in document, file, window or section.
  • Ctrl + c   Copies whatever is selected.
  • Ctrl + x   Cuts selected item from document.
  • Ctrl + v   Pastes selected item into a new section, file, document.
  • Ctrl + z   Undoes previous action.
  • Ctrl + y   Redoes previous action.
There are many more shortcuts, many of them useful.  For an extensive list: click here.
Saving your Word Documents so that they are compatible with previous versions of Word.
One issue that students frequently run into is that the version of Microsoft Word Oncampus is newer than the version on their current computer.  Students frequently run into the problem of being unable to open their document or use it effectively.  The way around this is to save the document as a .doc type, rather than the default .docx.  This is also true for excel spreadsheets.
Saving your Word Document to Your Google Apps for Education (GA4E)
It is very easy to spend three hours working on an assignment only to realize that you have forgotten your flashdrive. 
The quickest solution is to open up your Student Email or any gmail account and follow the following steps:

Click the Documents tab in the top right hand corner of the screen

In the new window that opens, click on the "Create New" dropdown menu, and click on the Document option.
Click on the Microsoft Word Document you wish to save, and press the Ctrl and A key at the same time.  This selects all of the text.
Now press the Ctrl and C key at the same time.  This will copy all of your text.

Click on the new Google Document window.

Press Ctrl and V at the same time.  This will copy your entire document into the window.
Save your document by pressing Ctrl and S, clicking on the little floppy disk icon on the left hand side of the editing bar, or click on the "Save Now" button.
Other Quick Save Options
  • Save the document or file on the desk top and email it to yourself.  Be aware that once you leave the computer, your document can be read by others if it is not deleted, and will be erased at the end of the day.
  • Directly upload your document to your GA4E space.  To do so, on the main document page there is an upload button.  This will lead you to a screen where you can then browse the document on the desktop and upload.  Depending on the type of file, you may or may not be able to read it.  Also, your formatting may be changed.
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