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Organizing Multiple Windows On Your Desktop

Microsoft has added two cool new features to make it easier to find what you are looking for on a busy desktop.
Quickly Clear Your Desktop Using Aero Shake
Aero Shake is a great new feature that immediately minimizes all of the windows on your desktop except for the one you choose.  To accomplish this, click and hold on the top of any window with your mouse, and give the window a little shake.  All the other windows will instantly minimize.  To get them back, simply shake that same window again.

To see this in action, click here.
Sizing Windows using Aero Snap
Aero Snap is a new feature that allows you to snap windows into a dual paned or maximized view. 
To engage snap, simply click and hold your window and drag it to the top or sides of your screen.
  • The top edge will maximize the window.
  • The left OR right edge will make the window take up half the screen.

To see this in action, click here.

Using the Task Bar to Organize Your Screen
Windows has made some changes to how your toolbar can automatically organize your screen for you.  By right clicking on any empty space on your toolbar, you now have the option to:
  • Cascade Windows
  • Show Windows Stacked
  • Show Windows Side by Side
  • Show Your Desktop