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Changing Your Desktop's Appearance

Changing the Desktop Wallpaper-Aero Themes & Color Schemes
Before starting, it is important to note: these changes will not save on the Commons' computers, and will only last during your immediate session.
In this version of Windows, Microsoft has given us a number of themes to personalize our workspace with.  To get to these options, right click anywhere on the desktop, and the following menu will appear:
Click on the Personalize option, which is where the red arrow is pointing on the above picture.  From there another menu will appear that will allow you to change the theme, color of your windows, sounds, set your slideshow, and set your screensaver.
Desktop Gadgets
Gadgets are a wonderful new feature that allow you to customize your space.
These settings will most likely not save on the Commons' computers, but are still a great addition to your work space.
To get to the gadgets, right click on your desk top, and choose the Gadgets option.  The following menu should pop up:
To put one of these gadgets on your desktop, simply click and drag it over to the location you wish.  
By right clicking on these gadgets you can set them to "always on top" so that they are always seen, and adjust their "opacity" or transparency, so that you can see through them.
Each gadget has more to play with than meets the eye, and by right clicking, and choosing options, you can change the look of and settings of most gadgets available on the desktop.