Rotating Between Opened Window & Application Views

Aero Flip 3 D    keys: [windows button] + [tab]

By holding down the windows start button next to the alt button, and striking the tab key,  you will create a cascading windows affect which will allow you to flip through all currently open windows on your desktop.

The Taskbar
Windows has now improved its task bar for easier navigation.  Simply hover over the icons on your task bar, and you will see a miniature window of the documents you have open.  Click on that window, and you will be brought to that document.  For more information on using the task bar, please click here.

From here you can easily click on any of the open miniature windows to go to that window, close the window completely, switch to another open window, or launch one of the unshaded programs currently featured on the taskbar.
Alt + Tab     keys: [alt] + [tab]

By holding down the alt button (on either side of the space bar) and clicking the tab key, you can switch between all open files on  your desktop.  You will see a bar with small icons for each application, each containing the file name or page title when you switch to it.