How To Save Your Work

The first question that the TLC wants to assure you of: all faculty and staff that had an H drive to save their work on, still have an H drive.

Saving Files Options

    1. Save to your H Drive. 
      When you select "Save" or "Save As" on any application, you need to make sure that you are set to save to your H Drive.  In some applications, this will pop up by default.  In others, you will be directed elsewhere.

      To check this, look at the address bar at the top of the window.  It should have an address printed as:
      >Computer >My Documents (\\ssccwfssvr\userdata$\yourusername) (H:) >

      If the location is something other than the above, click on My Documents in the left column of the window.

    2. Save your files to your SSCC "DOCS" account via your SSCC Google Apps for Education (GA4E) account.
      Google Apps for Education allows you to save and/or upload your work to the space it has specifically alloted for your account.  Your options allow you to:
      • Upload in your original format.
      • Save it as the corresponding google document to save space. 



    1. Save your files to a USB Flash Drive.
      • Plug the flash drive into the USB Port on the computer.
      • Under the file menu of almost all programs, you can click on "Save As"
      • Click on the menu that pops up, and navigate to "My Computer".
      • Underneath you should see an