Employee Training

Operating systems, like Windows XP, Windows Vista, and now Windows 7 run the behind the scenes operations of a computer.  
You're working with Windows 7 when you ...
  • Log in to a computer
  • Search for files or programs
  • Switch between files or programs
  • Arrange your work on your computer screen
  • Manage your task bar
  • Copy, move save or delete files and folders 
Improved Taskbar
Better and Faster Performance

New Features

Ten Training Tips
  1. The Task Bar - New Features (xp vs win7)
  2. Finding Programs and Documents (create a doc)
  3. How to Save Your Work (options)
  4. Accessing the H-Drive (when on campus)
  5. Keyboard Shortcuts (old and new)
  6. Rotating Between Opened Window & Application Views (navigating)
  7. Problem Steps Recorder (PSR - ways to demonstrate steps taken)
  8. Protect USB Data (encrypt)
  9. Shake to Minimize (fancy-pants, not important but interesting)
  10. Viewing Adobe PDF files with XPF Viewer

Additional Training
Resources website
Sticky Notes
Screen Resolutions
Internet Shortcuts f11, f5, Ctrl+, Ctrl-
File Extensions & Icons
PSR - how it might be useful
Changing View and Columns in Explorer
Taskbar and System (sys) Tray
What's running and what's not
Login Log off vs shutdown