SSCC's official information regarding areas (computers) where you can expect to find computers up graded to Windows 7 operating systems and the Office 2010 suite.

Winter 2010

  • ITS' WINDOWS 7 in classrooms and coming to everyone on campus news!

Fall 2010

  • CC300 - all computers
  • OLY203 - all computers
  • OLY200 - all computers
  • TEC133A - all computers
  • LIB217 - all computers

Summer 2010

  • For students: Library "Information Commons" area (1st floor) - one pod (12 computers)

  • For students: Library "Student Computer Lab" (2nd floor) - one row (12 computers)

  • For employees: "Teaching & Learning Center" (all computers in LIB140)


IMPORTANT! Know the difference between
"Windows 7 Operating System" and "Office 2007 Suite"

= Manages computer system and files

Windows "7" (features)
(what we're moving towards as campus computer
hardware is upgraded)

Windows "Vista"
(skipped all together!)

Windows "XP"
(what we currently use at South, Central and North)

= Production software like Word, Excel, Outlook, etc

Office 2010
(will be added to your computer when you get Windows 7)

Office 2007
(what we currently use at South, Central and North)