@SouthSeattle.edu EMAIL (form)

Dear South,

Please help us encourage
all South students (faculty, staff and administrators are encouraged to have an account as well!) to activate/use their campus-issued @SouthSeattle.edu e-mail account.  South's goal is to enrich our campus community by...

  • establishing a consistent, easy-to-use e-mail system with our students. North and Central (more college customers)
  • providing a technology platform colleges trust
  • providing students with professional college email address for resumes, grants, etc. (Separate personal from professional email addresses)
  • directing students to DEEP discounts they can receive due to owning a .EDU e-mail address http://tinyurl.com/sscc-discounts/
  • training students how to use the collaboration tools that accompany an @SouthSeattle.edu account: Email, Calendars, Discussion Forums, Documents and Online Storage Space, Portfolio Websites, etc. (Technology skills are becoming expected in today's hiring climate)