SSCC's Google Apps for Education (GA4E) account includes:

Gmail: 7+GB (and growing) email capacity and #1 search engine embedded!
Calendar: Share and organize events and class schedules with others! 
Talk: Send instant messages to contacts for free anytime, anywhere in the world.
Docs: Save homework files, share documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. Collaborate in real-time with teams or with your whole school.  Even publish final documents to the entire world, if desired! 
Sites: Store related documents, web content and other information in one place, on one or more websites.
Video for education: A video hosting and sharing solution that enables schools and other organizations to use video as an effective medium for internal communication and collaboration ... and much more continues to be added weekly!

A history lesson: Way back, in early 2006, South Seattle 'early adopters' began investigating a myriad of online applications as another means of delivering education (in particular for face-2-face, hybrid and online classrooms) and to provide 'student eMail accounts' to our campus.

At that time, we discovered a powerful 'Intranet-like' integrated suite of tools being offered educators and their students for FREE - giving each of our users over 7Giga Byes of storage!

It didn't take long before South seriously got on board and by March 27th 2007, eMail (a.k.a. Google Apps for Education, GA4E) was officially launched and it has become a foundational set of educational online tools used by faculty, staff and students across our campus and the district since!

Many colleges, including our sister campuses, Central (SCCC) and North (NSCC), have adopted Google Apps for Education (GA4E) for their student eMail and online educational tools, as well!

Google Apps for Education (a video!)


Upon registration, all SSCC students are given a FREE email account. These accounts provide 7+GB of space for saving homework files as well as providing powerful collaboration tools! We call this system "SSCC eMail & Google Apps for Education" (GA4E) 

  1. Please read this to activate your free student email account:
  2. This does not create a campus network account, it creates a campus EMAIL account.
  3. After you have set up your email account, you may login here:
  4. Questions? Call SSCC's eLearning department during office days/hours at (206) 934-7930

Trouble? Request Help (form)

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: By subscribing to an SSCC eMail & Google Apps for Education (GA4E) account, you acknowledge that Google is not acting on behalf of South Seattle Community College and any eMail transmission between you and College employees or others is subject to Google's Gmail privacy statement on the use and disclosure of eMail.

With your SSCC GA4E Account you get an integrated suite of these applications for free from here on and  available to you anywhere you have a computer with Internet access!
SSCC eMail (ridiculous amount of eMail space with the #1 search tool, chat tool and more!)
SSCC CALENDAR (create shared calendars and much more!)
SSCC DOCS (produce and share docs, spreadsheets, presentations and much more!)
SSCC TALK (Chat with other students and anyone who have a gmail or aim account! More alternate client services on the horizon!)
SSCC SITES (Create your own online website of college work!)

How to LOG-IN to GA4E for the First Time

  1. Go to

  2. Student Username =  1st initial of your 1st name 
                                           + your entire last name (not including any hyphen)
                                           + last 3 digits of your Student ID (SID)

                      example: Jo Doe-Smith, 999884321
     = jdoesmith321 
  3. Student Password = same as student username 
                                           + last 3 digits of SID + temp  
                      example: jdoesmith

First Time Login 
- You'll be required to create a new password, with a minimum of 8 characters.  This new password will only be used for your email account and GA4E services. 

FYI: Your GA4E email password is not related to, nor will it affect any other campus service accounts. e.g. Campus Computer Network Access, ANGEL, or Student Online Services, etc. 

Can't Login using the above directions? Forgotten your password? Use this Request Help form

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Q: If the campus website is scheduled to be offline (for maintenance, etc.) will my Google Apps for Education (GA4E) Account be offline?
SSCC GA4E accounts are NOT affected by campus systems. GA4E accounts reside on Google servers
     Please review/print our SSCC GA4E support page for your records

Q: What is the difference between a public Google Account and an SSCC Google Apps for Education (GA4E) Account?

A: Google Acct vs Google Apps - explained here :)

Q: How secure is Google's email? Will my account have advertising? How much storage space will I get?
Q: Who can help me when I've forgotten my SSCC Student Email Google Apps for Education (GA4E) password or username?
A: SSCC Student Email and Google Apps for Education (GA4E) administrators, Catherine McCollum, Sara Newman and Janice Lonergan (please fill out this form for assistance)

Q: I already have a gmail account - why would I want another?
A: Your SSCC GA4E account offers more features to our campus than the usual gmail account. For example, it has built-in collaborative tools for team projects. Plus you'll have an official college e-mail address to use when submitting work to potential employers, etc. SSCC Google Apps for Education (GA4E) also provides a powerful online area to maintain your student work v.s. your personal online materials. That said, you can always FORWARD your e-mail to a preferred eeMail account. You can also take the reverse approach and point up to 5 different eMail accounts towards your new SSCC GA4E account.
Watch these videos to learn how ...
1 min. video (no audio) FORWARD your e-mail to a preferred eMail account
    -Log in to your email account, Click on "Settings",
    -Click on "Forwarding and POP/IMAP"
    -Change settings to  "Forward a copy of incoming mail to:"  
        [type your preferred email address in the box]
    -Select "Archive SSCC College mail's copy" from the drop-down menu just below it.
    -Click "Save Changes
at the bottom of the page.
Q: Where do I login?
A: There are several ways to access your SSCC GA4E (student email and cloud applications).
    Try any of the following based upon your preferred starting point.
Reminder of what you need to use to log-in AFTER eLearning staff activates your email account.  Please don't forget to log-out when you're done.
    • Username = 1st letter of your first name + last name + last 3 digits of your Student Identification Number (SID)
    • Password = eLearning staff will assign you a temporary password to use for your first log in. After that, you will be required to chose your own password. The temporary password will not work.
Q: Is my campus (computer) network account linked to my SSCC GA4E account?
A: No. Only the account names are the same. There is no link between South Seattle's network and your SSCC GA4E account.

Q: Who can help me if I experience technical problems with SSCC GA4E?
A: Visit for excellent online help :P

Request Assistance!

** REQUEST "SSCC Google Apps for Education (GA4E)" Assistance **

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