Batch Uploading Your Students to SSCC's Google Apps for Education

Dear faculty,

With your help, we (Sara Newman and Janice Lonergan) create an email account for each of your students, before the start of each quarter.

Here's 2+ minute video (with audio) demonstrating the following 6 steps:
  1. Access your Instructor Briefcase
  2. Open one of your class rosters
  3. Depress CTRL+A (Select All)
  4. Depress CTRL+C (Copy)
  5. Go to and depress CTRL+V (Paste) to send your data to Janice Lonergan and Sara Newman (your campus SSCC Google Apps for Education (GA4E), Administrators).

    The data sent to us via this tool is minimal. This tool strips away everything except a student's first name, last name and last three digits of their SID.  We are very conscious of maintaining the highest of FERPA standards and this 'minimal data' is being sent to our district server SCCD e-mail accounts, only (Janice and Sara's). FYI ~ This is the same naming convention we have our students use to access our campus network computers - keeping it as easy to remember as possible for our students.
  6. Repeat as needed for each of your class rosters, please.

If you have questions about student email accounts or faculty portal website, please contact us at (206) 395-WEBB, Sara's 'Google Voice' phone or Janice' office (206) 768-6416