4 commonly used BROWSERS
.... in order of preference!

(PC and Mac)

(PC Only)

(PC and Mac)

(PC and Mac)

AOL Explorer - not recommended!

Because everyone's computer can be set up with different applications, (i.e. Internet browsers, media players and more),we won't know what you have on your computer -- making trouble shooting problems very difficult.

Therefore, you must be aware of the browser(s), media players and plugins you have on your computer to get optimal performance out of any program you run.

You will find most online classes delivered on a specific platform, like ANGEL,always have a list of specified requirements.Here's an example of a System Check Angel performs when an enrolled student attempts to sign in to their online course.

This student was on their home computer and Angel ran a SYSTEM CHECK on them (before they even tried to login) advising the user of the technical specifications it looked for and found on their computer.  Their computer platform, (in this case it was a Mac), their monitor resolution (size of their monitor's screen settings, their browser and its version, requirements and available plugins. As as you can see it also identified missing elements that should be downloaded (added) to their computer for optimal performance (in this case they're missing Adobe's Acrobat Reader).