Web Applications

Some of the most popular web applications (cloud tools) being used these days

  1. Canvas - a content/learning management system for educators and students
    (SSCC's Canvas)

  2. Aviary - (free) a collection of online photo and audio editing tools

  3. BLOG - (free) online journal/log/newsletter

  4. CHAT - (free) synchronous and asynchronous typed conversations

  5. Discussion Board - (free) a place where individual questions and comments can be posted and turned into threads of conversation

  6. Elluminate - (free) live collaboration room (chat, talk, video, etc.) (SSCC's Elluminate)

  7. Email - (free) how we send digital messages/mail online - and digital files/attachments, as well

  8. Facebook - (free) where personal information can be posted and shared for social networking

  9. Google Apps - (free) a combination of Docs, EMail, Websites, Calendars and more (all online) (SSCC's Google Apps and SSCC Email)

  10. Google Videos - (free) anyone can post digital videos (over 10 mins each)

  11. LinkedIn - (free) where business/profile information is networked
  12. Skype - (free) digital phone calls over the Internet!

  13. Twitter - (free) micro-blogging (SSCC's Twitter)

  14. YouTube Videos - (free) anyone can post digital videos (under 10 mins each)
Q: What is cloud computing?  Another made up term like WEB2.0 that caught on?

A: Well, yes. ;)

Q: What's its value?
Why should we care?

A: Cloud "web applications" provide folks like ourselves with the ability to work online from any computer with an Internet connection rather than on a single dedicated computer that needs licensed applications needing constant upgrades, support and hard-drive space.

As online security continues to improve governments (https://apps.gov/) and businesses (http:/google.com/apps ) are steadily moving to cloud computing to save costs, improve convenience and provide consistent support. See http://www.opencloudmanifesto.org/index.htm

Using applications that are accessible from any computer with an Internet connection saves a ton of money and time. One no longer needs 'office' applications loaded on their personal computer to get their day to day work accomplished.