TLC (Workshops & LOTS) Calendar

TLC WORKSHOPS (See our growing list!)

Your Teaching & Learning Center (TLC) provides scheduled, focused training workshops for all SSCC faculty, staff and administrators.

The four core (instructional services) applications your Teaching & Learning Center (TLC) provides support and training for are CanvasTegrityCollaborate and Google Apps for Education (GA4E). However, we provide help with many other applications, as well.

We don't "just" teach technology ... 

We also provide (90 min) mini TLC workshops
focused on current teacher topics around 
Instructional Design and Delivery

A few examples of mini ID workshops we're about to offer: "Best Practices for Course Design and Delivery"; "Components of a Great Syllabus";  "Mastering the Discussion Forum"; "Online (Cloud) File Management";  "How to Create and Align Rubrics with Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs)"; "Flipping the Classroom" ... and much more!

Please check in with our TLC workshops calendar regularly as we begin posting new workshops for Fall 2013.  We'll be sending out weekly (emailed) Announcements, as well.

And, if you'd like to offer a workshop in the TLC Classroom - or - you don't find what you're looking for listed on our site or calendar check out our ONLINE TRAINING (library), as well - and if you can't find what you need, contact TLC Director, Sara Newmand (206) 395-9322,