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Since 2007, South's TLC has been providing faculty, staff and administrators
24/7 online access to over 3,673 movie tutorials across
more than 425 training titles using's Training Library! 

If you haven't taken advantage of this wonderful resource yet, you can finds links
to discover training titles and fill out a form to request a temporary account below this video.

How to discover available training videos  ...

  1. Navigate our growing selection of training titles and click on the title you wish to sample. (Free Sample Training is available without license)
  2. On the resulting title description page, scroll down and locate free/available movie tutorials, which you may view by clicking the active links.

* 2014 Announcement about Training
Account Option
for King County (and Seattle) Library Card Holders*

How to request a temporary account please do the following ...

  1. Fill out the request for a temporary account form below

    Important to know:
    Because we only have 30 training licenses to distribute amongst our whole campus, you may find your account temporarily unavailable if I need extra licenses during a 2 hour TLC workshop. 
We will make all efforts to NOT deactivate your account, but if you ever find yours not working please contact me and I'll set yours back up as quickly as possible. We try to only deactivate accounts we see haven't been active first. It's just a matter of us juggling 20 licenses amongst 100's of users on our campus :-p

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