TLC - Lobby

TLC Lobby
Reserved for faculty, staff and administrator work, only 
The TLC Lobby (LIB140) is open during Library hours and available (to faculty, staff and administrators, only) for drop-in use of it's equipment and software.

The TLC is always locked and requires a librarian or eLearning staff member to open it for faculty, staff and administrators, only.

The TLC lobby has WiFi access, seven computers, one printer, one scanner and one phone.

Each computer has a nice array of creation software.
Examples: Adobe's Photoshop, Dreamweaver, MSN's Office 2010 suite, Camtasia, Tegrity recorder and much more.

While the TLC Lobby is typically used for faculty 'drop in' work, it can be booked for small faculty, staff and administrator meetings.
Please contact Sara Newman, Catherine McCollum, Janice Lonergan or Diane King to book the TLC Lobby.