Google Meet (aka hangout but recently renamed to Meet)

Live Online TLC Support = LOTS!

Using Google's (Hangouts) "Meet" webinar app (a feature included in your account), we can hold impromptu video meetings on the go, run virtual training classes around the world, conduct remote interviews, and much more with up to 25 participants!

Meeting Requirements
Create a Meet(ing)
      * See requirements above

  1. Login to your account via

    Need help getting yours? Submit a request for help,
  2. Access your calendar and create an appointment, inviting your participant(s) and/or TLC Associate! Up to 25 participants can attend at a time. You can send an invitation to any email address! Participants do NOT need an or Gmail account (only the person creating the meeting needs an account)
  3. RECOMMENDED: Create and share a Google doc with your participants along with your invitation to use during your webinar for texting, sharing links, etc. * See Collaborative Tools (below)
Attend a Meet(ing)

      * See Meeting Requirements (above)
  1. Login to your preferred email account (where your invitation was sent) and locate your emailed invitation. If you already have the meeting login code you can go directly to to join your meeting!
  2. At the designated time/day click the JOIN IN link provided in your invitation. The facilitator of your meeting will approve your joining at the day/time of the scheduled meeting.
  3. Test your speakers and headset to make sure they're functioning. 

Collaborative Tools

At this time, there is no chat/text tool built into the webinar application. To aide in your webinar collaboration, we recommend you and your facilitator agree to use a Google Doc (or some other live document) to share real time chat/text, links to , as needed. Facilitator: Please create your (live) document prior to your meeting and provide a link to it in via your calendar invitation to the (webinar) meeting.

This easy to use synchronous online tool allows us to work in real time with you as if we were sitting side by side!  A very practical way for us to be in more places, more often! 

Please give us a try!

Virtually yours,

Sara Newman 
SSC TLC, STARS and eLearning Director