The Seattle College District is a Board Member of the League for Innovation. As a result, the faculty, staff and administrators of all the Seattle Colleges have free access to materials on the League iStream site. No subscription fee is needed.

What is iStream?

The Innovation Stream (iStream) is the League for Innovation in the Community College online resource bank and learning community, which includes a searchable database hosting over 200,000 resources, over 11,000 model programs, and access to the professional development Learning Exchange Network (LENs). iStream is a web-based, multi-media portal for resources, references, tools and information for community college and higher education. These materials are not available through any public search engine – not even Google.

How do I gain access?

You will need to login at the iStream site using your Seattle Colleges email address ( and create a password. After that, you just need to remember your login and password.

What types of resources will I find on iStream?

iStream houses a wide variety of content on teaching and learning:

  • Presentations from League for Innovation conferences – keynote and special session videos from Innovations Conferences (2001-present), Information Technology Conferences (CIT – 1999-present), and Archived Thoughtful Topics
  • Professional development (LENs) – six modules of comprehensive teaching and learning practices
  • Webinars
  • eLearning – with a focus on Open Educational Resources (OER) courses and programs, open access or discounted options, and workforce and specialty online learning programs
  • Publications – unlimited access to League books, monographs, reports, and Leadership and Learning Abstracts
  • League projects – innovative programs and studies of critical issues such as accountability, student outcome assessments, sustainability, workforce developments, STEM, veterans’ services, and ESL
  • New product developments from business partners

Learn more on the iStream website: