Educational Discounts (resources)

Educational DiscountsHello. Sara Newman here. I wanted to be sure everyone knew that your college role (faculty, student, employee) *may* provide you with discounted benefits on numerous things. 

Examples ... 

Each of our campus IT services sets up software discounts for its employees and students.
Here are some more examples ..

I'm currently a student and a teacher (crazy, I know!) and as a student I am eligible for 6 months of free Amazon Prime account (and then 1/2 off after that) and since I clearly don't have time to go shopping in person these days this is a win win for me. :)

My phone carrier is AT&T and I used my email address to prove my college employment and I now enjoy a discounted phone bill.  

Using your .edu email address for many retailers provides proof of employment for online educational discount offerings. Other retailers may require more information. You just have do a little investigation and I've provided a few links to get you started below.

Again, each of the *possible* discount opportunities you encounter will have different avenues they want you go through to prove your affiliation with your college. However, for the most part they just want you to use your educational email address: or or or

Virtually yours,
Sara Newman