TLC - Classroom

The TLC Classroom (LIB140) is open during library hours and available to book for faculty, staff and administrator training, only. 
Couple (TLC) housekeeping things ...
  1. Software and Plugins: Well ahead of your TLC Classroom booking you need to test what you're training is covering to confirm whether or not you need software or plugins updated or installed. If updates or installations are required you'll need to email a request to ITS well ahead of your meeting via so they can schedule time to implement your request(s).
  2. Computer Logins: If your attendees are not Seattle College employees, they will not be able to login to the TLC computers. Contact ITS well ahead of your booking, via, with a list of your attendee's names and the date(s) you need them to have TLC computer access so ITS has time to provide you temporary logins.
  • The TLC Classroom has WiFi, Internet and 17 computers (counting the instructor station), an overhead data projector, screen, speakers, headphones, webcams, a dvd player and a Ladibug document camera at the teacher's station.
  • Each computer has a nice array of production and creation software and attached headset with microphone and web cam.
  • Examples of software include Adobe Pro Suite, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, MSN's Office 365 suite, Camtasia, Snagit, and much more!
  • If needed, faculty, staff and administrators can book the TLC classroom for professional development work.