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Alternative Assessment Roundtable

Thank you for participating in our Alternative Assessment Roundtable! Please see the links below and download as needed.
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Presenter: Van Bobbitt
Title of assessment activity:
• Integrated Pest Management Project—Team Assignment
Class in which this activity is used:
• LHO 109—Integrated Pest Management (IPM)
Summary of activity:
Students are organized into teams of 3-4. Each team is given a scenario of a residential 
landscape with specific pest problems. Based on their assessment of the scenario, 
students must write an IPM plan that addresses the problems in language that is 
technically precise but understandable by their “client.” They also must give an oral 
In preparing the IPM plan, students analyze pest management strategies and tactics based on effectiveness, environmental impacts, human health concerns, costs and practicality. They must use professional quality reference sources, and those references must be clearly cited and fully documented. 
 What is being assessed? 
• Communication: speak and write effectively about pest management issues
• Human relations: work effectively in teams
• Critical thinking and problem solving: evaluate pest management information, select 
proper strategies for a given situation, and solve pest management problems.
• Information literacy: access, evaluate and select pest management information from a 
variety of professional level sources. 
Contact information: 206-934-6717

Presenter: Regina Daigneault
Title of assessment activity: Life Activity Assessment
Summary of activity:
· Introduction to Wines of the World and Advanced Wines of the World
· The activity is meant to use information technology and allow students to incorporate the activity during their usual and daily activities. The assessment involves looking at wine labels that they encounter while shopping during their day, taking a photo (via smart phone or i-pod) and then looking up the information on that label, incorporating it in a slide show and presenting that information to their fellow students, a short and succinct presentation of the wine region, the grape variety, and any regulations or information about the producer or the area that is pertinent to the wine. We all shop for food, why not wander through the wine aisle, take a quick photo of the front and back label of a wine that is unfamiliar or a label that you may have heard of but cannot recall the grape variety or other information from the region. While sitting on the bus, watching TV, or waiting for check out, look up the information on your phone, or other electronic device. It sticks better when you look at labels, taste, talk about and present to a group!
What is being assessed?
· Information technology is used, communication skills, organizational skills, presentation skills and the use of your automobile possibly!
Contact information:

Presenter: Tish Lopez
Title of Assessment Activity: Camtasia Video Quizzes
Classes In Which I Use This Activity:  None at the moment, though I plan to use these quizzes into my English 102 and English 235 online courses next Fall. 
Summary:  This presentation provides faculty with an example of how they can use Camtasia to facilitate assessment in a fun and alternative fashion. In particular, we will look at how faculty can use Camtasia to create interactive video quizzes that can be used to verify if students are watching and learning from any audio/visual presentations created for the course.
What is Being Assessed: Content knowledge.  Also applicable to the following SLO's: Communication, Critical Thinking & Problem Solving, and Technology.
Contact Information:, (206) 934-5872

Presenter: Dolores Mirabella
Title: Metacognition and Student Learning
Class: English 095 - Reading and Study Skills
Summary: The purpose of this activity is for students to reflect on how they prepared 
for their first test and to account for the grade they got. The overall goal 
of the test is for them to show me they know how to learn by applying the 
study skills taught in class. Students will be given a handout (debriefing)
that identifies the reasons they may not have done will on their first test.
All the preparatory work that was done in class is discussed. Finally, 
students must write a short essay accounting for the grade they got and 
identify what they must do to improve.
Student Learning Outcome: Personal Responsibility

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