Tegrity Conference 2013 - Recordings

Opening Keynote
Evolution in Action: The Technologies that will Change our Species
Presenter: Dr. Michael Windelspecht, Appalachian State University

General Session
Summer 2013 Service Update
Presenter: Jeff Collins, McGraw-Hill Education
Link: https://tegr.it/y/14lt6

General Session
New England Student Panel
Link: https://tegr.it/y/14ltg

Closing Keynote
Creating Digital Learning Experiences for a Brighter Tomorrow
Presenter: Stephen Laster, McGraw-Hill Education
Link: https://tegr.it/y/14lta

Concurrent Sessions
1. Lights, Camera, Capture!
Presenters: Dr. Kathleen Missildine, RN, Assistant Dean for Graduate Studies, College of Nursing, Texas A&M Health Science Center, and Dr. Rebecca Fountain, RN, University of Texas at Tyler
Link: https://tegr.it/y/14np3

2. Tegrity: From Small Pilot to Mission-Critical Tool in One Semester
Presenters: Kyle Collins & Megan Buckley, Saint Louis University
Link: https://tegr.it/y/14npb

3. Tegrity as a Platform for Student Evaluation
Presenters: Dr. Mary Beth Doyle & Jim Millard, Saint Michael’s College
Link: https://tegr.it/y/14npp

4. Preparing Faculty for Lecture Capture Success
Presenter: Don Merritt, University of Central Florida


5. Closed Captioning with Automatic Sync Technologies
Presenters: Dr. Andrew Wright & Kent Gardner, University of Louisville
Link: https://tegr.it/y/14ns5

6. First-Year TUC Experience: I Learned, Therefore I “Flipped” My Classrooms
Presenter: Barbara Caton, Missouri State University-West Plains
Link: https://tegr.it/y/14o29

7. Roundtable: Overcoming Challenges and Developing Best Practices
Facilitator: Douglas J. Koch, Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine

8. Comparison of Tegrity Use for Online and On-The-Ground Students in a Graduate School of Engineering
Presenters: Dr. Tristan Johnson, Jessie Guy-Ryan, & Anne-Carina Kelly, Northeastern University
Link: https://tegr.it/y/14ob0

9. Math Placement: The Foundation for Success
Presenters: Austina Fong, Portland State University, & Andy Set, McGraw-Hill Higher Education
Link: https://tegr.it/y/14obm

10. Integrating Tegrity into Existing Campus Data Infrastructure
Presenters: Brian Becht & Felicia Kendall, University of Central Florida
Link: https://tegr.it/y/14obq

11. Transforming Tutoring with Tegrity: Challenges and Successes
Presenters: Allen Dennis & Elizabeth Coghill, East Carolina University
Link: https://tegr.it/y/14obu

12. Connecting Pedagogical Principles to Tegrity: Encouraging Active and Diverse Ways of Learning
Presenters: Michaella Thornton & Megan Buckley, Saint Louis University

13. Tegrity Capabilities Matrix
Presenter: Ori Wallenstein, McGraw-Hill Education

14. Old School Geology, Meet New School Technology: Using Mobile Devices and Tegrity for Field and Lab Work in the Geosciences
Presenters: Trina Kilty & Trent Morrell, Laramie County Community College
Link: https://tegr.it/y/14oru

15. STEM…The Root of It All
Presenters: Dr. Jason Overby, College of Charleston, & Jeff Huettman, McGraw-Hill Education

16. Utilizing Peripheral Devices to Enhance Tegrity Recordings
Presenters: Dr. Julie Zhu, United States Naval Academy, & Marc Strid, University of Missouri

17. Desktop Tegrity Chemistry Lessons a la ChemSketch and SnagIt
Presenter: Dr. Nadene Houser-Archield, Prince George’s Community College

18. Joining Forces: “Tegrity and Tablet Technology” for Future Classrooms
Presenter: Chulapol Thanomsing, Missouri State University-West Plains
Link: https://tegr.it/y/14ozk

19. Using Tegrity to Engage Students in Team-Based, Project-Oriented Online Classes
Presenter: Dr. Hanna E. Norton, Arkansas Tech University
Link: https://tegr.it/y/14ozs

20. Strategies for Deploying Accessible Video with 3Play Media
Moderator: Tole Khesin, 3Play Media
Panelists: Mike Phillips, Indiana University – Purdue University, Fort Wayne & Neil Kahn, McGraw-Hill Education
Link: https://tegr.it/y/14p0f

21. Flipping the Gap: Overcoming the Generational Gap via a Flipped Classroom
Presenter: Dr. Bobbi Jo Carter, Calhoun Community College
Link: https://tegr.it/y/14p0l

22. Using Tegrity Reports to Measure Impact and Manage Stored Content
Presenter: Shauna Uher, McGraw-Hill Education
Link: https://tegr.it/y/14p0z

23. Three Different Classroom Environments for Capturing Lectures and Presentations
Presenter: Nicholas Aballi, Indiana State University
Link: https://tegr.it/y/14p13

24. What’s on Your Tegrity Wish List?
Facilitator: Jeff Collins, McGraw-Hill Education
Link: Choppy Audio https://tegr.it/y/14p1z