All Seattle Community College (South, North and Central) students have campus e-mail and Google Apps for Education (GA4E) accounts.

Activate & begin using your student e-mail and apps today!

 SSCC (South) students can activate their campus e-mail (SSCC GA4E) account by doing the following:
  1. Fill out our “Request Email Account Assistance” (online form)
  2. AFTER your account has been created by eLearning staff, and you have heard back from eLearning staff with activation information, you can immediately begin using your new email and Google Apps for Education (GA4E) online collaborative tools by logging in with the following information
    • SSCC Email LOGIN (page) =
    • SSCC Username  = 1st letter of your first name + your whole last name + last 3 digits of your (SID) [Example: Jane Doe with an SID of 980456123 would have a username of jdoe123]
    • SSCC Password = Furnished by the eLearning office.  
      You’ll be prompted to setup your new password when you first log in to your new account
Helpful Information - FACULTY PORTALS | SSCC GA4E Training 
Have questions? re: SSCC Google Apps for Education (GA4E)?
Please call your SSCC eLearning Office (206) 764-7930