Commute Trip Reduction Program

Please take a look at all the commute options we have to offer and consider one of the alternatives to driving alone.
ORCA, which stands for One Regional Card for All, is a smart card that allows commuters to use one payment method to ride public transportation in the Pacific Northwest.  Six Western Washington transportation agencies partnered to make commuting fast, easy, and seamless.  The ORCA Card replaced the Go-Pass and each card is pre-loaded for unlimited use and is honored by the major transit agencies in the Puget Sound, Community Transit, Everett Transit, Metro Transit, Kitsap Transit, Pierce Transit, and Sound Transit.  The ORCA Card is also valid on King county water taxi (Vashon/West Seattle), Kitsap foot ferry (port Orchard/Annapolis), regular ST Link-Light Rail, regular ST Sounder Commuter Rail, and Seattle Streetcar.  Employee paying a $10.00 per quarter Transportation Management Plan Fee (TMP) and $45 per quarter by payroll deduction or through the cashiers may receive their ORCA Card from your Employee Transportation Coordinator (ETC).
  • Route 128, servicing the campus approximately every 30 minutes weekdays between Southcenter,Tukwila, HCH Specialty Center, SSCC Alaska Junction, and Admiral District.
  • Route 125, servicing the campus approximately every 30 minutes weekdays between Shorewood, White Center, SSCC, and Downtown Seattle.
Employees working 50% or more of a full-time schedule and carpool to campus receive discounted parking.  You must register at the start of each quarter as a carpooler and carpool at least three days a week.  A carpool is defined as two or more individuals commuting together for at least 50% of the longest individuals commute distance.  Registered participants must be old enough to be eligible for a Washington State driver’s license.  If you are interested in carpooling, a free Ride Match service is available to help find someone to share the ride,  for information apply online or call 206-625-4500.
Transit Subsidies:
Transit subsidies are available for eligible employees who are not well served by the ORCA Care, i.e. ferry riders, and who do not purchase a campus parking permit.  An eligible employee can receive up to $58.00 monthly for using the ferry system or for Vanpool or Vanshare.
Zipcar is a convenient car-sharing program that allows members to use selected cars for both personal and business reasons.  SCCD pays for the cost of the membership and the use of the Zipcar for all eligible employees to promote commute trip reduction and to encourage employees to leave their personal vehicle home.  All permanent employees, participating in the TMP program as NON-Driving employees are eligible for the Zipcar benefit.  A NON-Driving employee is defined as an employee who normally commutes to work as a bus rider, walker, bicyclist, or carpool passenger and does not have an on-campus parking permit.  An employee must be at least 21 years of age to be eligible for Zipcar membership.
Home Free Guarantee:
The Home free Guarantee benefit is available to employees participating in the TMP program.  The intent is to provide taxi service for employees who have taken the bus, biked, walked to work, or carpooled (passenger only), but once at work find they have a situation that was not reasonably foreseeable when the left home.  The situation could be that they become ill or a family member became ill.  The ETC can use the current Home Free Guarantee arrangement to provide taxi service as often as two times per quarter and up to 60 miles one way.