What makes a BIG difference in student learning and successful classes... Effective course design!

We hear this all the time but what exactly, is “course design,” and what makes it “effective”? 
It is the intentional planning of a course to help students achieve significant learning.   It begins with a teacher creating essential learning goals (or course learning outcomes) around which the course is then built; this is followed by designing assignments and/or assessments that can demonstrate students’ achievement of those goals; and then planning engaged learning activities that help students attain learning that lasts.
Attend the 2013 Summer Institute!
On Wednesday, we'll help you review and analyze an existing course - is your course effectively designed?   We'll help YOU create a template and a plan to help ensure your course is effectively designed. This session is a applicable for ALL class modalities (face-to-face, online, and hybrid). 
On Thursday we'll focus on Best Practices in Community College Teaching. We will discuss lots of great strategies and actual class activities that can be adapted for any class (i.e. online, hybrid, face-to-face) to help you, help your students succeed. Please see the program schedule for more specific information.


We hope to see you on August 21 and 22 at South Seattle Community College!