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Class Description

MATH 102,

Bridges the gap between Intermediate Algebra and Pre-Calculus functions and is for students in Math and Science. Strongly recommended in preparation for MATH& 141. Sect. 70 online fee


Covers definite and indefinite integrals; techniques of integration; applications of integration; and an introduction to differential equations.NOTE: While institutions usually cover the same topics throughout the calculus sequence, individual topics may be covered in different courses within the sequence. To ensure proper transfer credit, students should consult with an adviser before taking different parts of the sequence at different institutions. Prerequisite: Math& 151 with a 2.0 or higher.

MATH 220,

Intro to linear algebra and its implications. Includes systems of linear equations, matrices, determinants, vector spaces, inner product spaces, and eigenvalue problems. Prerequisite: MATH&163 with a 2.0 or higher or permission.

MATH 238,

Covers first and second order differential equations, their applications, and Laplace transforms. Covers the elementary theory of differential equations and the interrelationship between pure mathematics and applied mathematics. Prerequisite: MATH& 152 or higher; Math& 163 strongly recommended.