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Types of Online Courses


Returning Students'
South Seattle College offers fully online & hybrid courses

    1. Fully online courses: All instruction takes place completely online using a learning management system (LMS)Check with the course instructor for online requirements and course participation specifics as some online courses may require a campus visit for orientation or proctored exam(s). Online course fee is required. 
    2. Hybrid courses require both online and regularly scheduled face-to-face participation. Required face-to-face meeting times are outlined in the Class Schedule. Check with the course instructor for information about the online requirements for the course. Hybrid course fee is required. 
    3. Web-enhanced courses require on-campus, face-to-face participation during the meeting times outlined in the Class Schedule, but also use online applications and/or websites for instruction. There is generally no indication in the Class Schedule that a course will be web enhanced. For all questions regarding web-enhanced classes, please contact your instructor. Check with your course instructor for class specifics http://sites.southseattle.edu/faculty/

    IMPORTANTSome online courses are offered through specific programs and require permission to join.  
    Because these unique courses may not be listed in our course listings you must refer to the information your program's coordinator or instructor has given you.

    If you still have questions about how and when to access your online course please use our online form to request assistance.