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Types of Online Courses


Returning Students'

South's online instructors use a variety of course management tools.
Please check our Course Listings for information about your online class.
    1. Fully Online courses - (section numbers end in .70) Taught by South campus faculty using a course management application (such as Canvas or GA4E, etc) and/or their own faculty website. These courses meet online only.

    2. Math courses - (section numbers end in .70) The majority of (but not all) the online math courses taught by South campus faculty use ALEKS, Hawkes Learning System (book, software, website), and/or the instructor's own MathOnline website.   For more information regarding online Math courses, please first visit your Course Listings, then visit http://mathonline.southseattle.edu, and contact your instructor. These classes are fully online, however they may require tests be proctored (info provide in your instructor's syllabus). 
    3. Hybrid courses - (section numbers end in .77) Taught by South campus faculty using MANDATORY face-to-face class time and online course management application (such as Canvas) and/or their own faculty website such as GoogleApps for Education (GA4E) as their online classroom platform.
    Web-Enhanced Courses - These classes are completely face-to-face, but are enhanced with an associated online tools or website.  Instructors can include course materials through their South campus Faculty Portal, Canvas (our campus Learning Management System [LMS]), through their (Google Apps for Education) GA4E websites or their other websites. For all questions regarding web-enhanced classes, please contact your instructor.

    IMPORTANTSome online courses are offered through specific programs and require permission to join.  
    Because these unique courses may not be listed in our course listings you must refer to the information your program's coordinator or instructor has given you. If you still have questions about how and when to access your online course please call the eLearning office at (206) 934-7930.