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I'm Registered, Now What?

As a South Seattle College student, you are responsible for contacting your instructor and getting started in your online course. 

Online i
nstruction doesn't start until the first day of the quarter, just like face-to-face classes, unless arranged otherwise by your instructor. Unregistered students (waiting lists, tuition-waivers) will not be able to access their class until registered.
Please contact your instructor to notify them of your registration status, if needed.
I'm Registered, Now What?
New StudentsYou've registered, the quarter has begun, now get started!
    1. Purchase your course materials HERE

    2. Contact your teacher by email and ask any questions you may have about your online course.
      If you have questions about Canvas read this
      For any other questions about eLearning, please Contact us.

    3. If you are taking a face-to-face course with an online component ("web-enhanced"), ask your instructor for login directions, but contact eLearning staff if you experience any login problems.

    4. Read the Welcome Letter

    5. Log in to your online course after the quarter starts.

    6. HELP! I can't log in to Canvas! or... I can log in but I don't see my classes!
      -Make sure you aren't using a login from another campus or previous quarter.
      -NOT ALL COURSES are taught using Canvas. Check with your teacher.
      -Check your registration. Wait List students cannot access Canvas until they are registered.
      -Contact us if you continue to have login issues after the first day of the quarter.

    7. REMEMBER: Successful eLearning students have the necessary time and skills (including patience and flexibility) to learn online and complete their online assignments. Before you take any online class, you should be confident about your computer equipment, computer skills, and study skills, as well as understanding that technical problems sometimes require backup computer plans. You will be responsible for learning the technology needed to complete your class. 

    8. Take a deep breath - you're going to be fine and we are here to help!

Canvas Password reset? If you are requesting a password reset through the Canvas password reset link, please make sure you are providing CANVAS with the same email address you have listed in your campus records.  Check your records now.
Student eMail Accounts  http://sites.southseattle.edu/email/

Need some extra help with Canvas, Google Apps for Education (GA4E) email accounts, campus Wifi & general eLearning questions? Contact Cathy at 206.934.6406 or 206.934.7930, via our online form, or come to the South Campus Library Monday-Thursday 8am-12pm for in-person help. 

You can also contact our
 "STARS" (Student Technology Advice and Resources Support) for help with with basic eLearning and log-in questions. 

Need some help with your class work? 
http://www.southseattle.edu/tutoring/online.aspx and http://guides.instructure.com/m/4212 and http://www.southseattle.edu/tutoring/geek-hauz.aspx



Please note: For any questions about course materials, contact your instructor. Instructor contact information can be found on your Course Listings or in your syllabus. The eLearning office does not have information about which books are required for your class.

To order course textbooks go to Go to http://southscc.bncollege.com > select Textbooks > select the Term, Department, Course, and Section > click "Find Materials" button at the bottom to see your course materials.

You can also check the South Seattle College Bookstore by calling (206) 934-5338 to see if the book is in stock. Make sure you know your course item number and section (on your registration papers). You can pick up your book by visiting the South Seattle College Bookstore or you can request that they can mail it out to you (additional fees may apply). Be sure to ask about Rentals and eTextbooks!

You can, instead, order textbooks online from other vendors. You will need to know the book title, author name, edition and ISBN number. Also make sure than any accompanying materials required, such as charts, cds, solutions or lab manuals, etc, are included in your purchase from outside sources! Remember, it may take around a week to receive an ordered textbook. Plan ahead and be prepared!

Stay In Touch!

Always stay in touch with your instructor. Your Course Listings and syllabus will give you almost all the information you'll need to get started in your online class. Contact your instructor whenever you have any questions or concerns. It is extremely important that you keep your email address current: https://sccdweb.sccd.ctc.edu/seasou/stuaddr/waci203.html