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Is eLearning For Me?

Successful eLearning students have the necessary time and skills (including patience and flexibility) to learn online & complete their online assignments.

Before you take any online class ... you should be confident about your computer equipment and study skills, as well as understanding that technical problems sometimes occur.

If you have never taken an online class before, start with this Is eLearning for Me?  self-diagnostic tool. 

Online students must have the technical equipment,
email account, computer and study skills appropriate for online classes. Please review this page carefully before registering for an online class:
You may want to speak with an advisor to understand your scholastic goals and how to achieve them.
Visit our list of South's advisors:

REGISTERED SSC STUDENTS have free lyndaCampus accounts! can begin learning about digital, media and information literacy immediately and at their own pace. 

Please find below 3 great "getting started" self-paced online courses!
  1. In​​formation literacy,
  2. Novice Windows user,
  3. Novice Mac user,
Learning about Canvas (SSC's Learning Management System)
STARS (Student Technology Advice & Resource Support) help with questions around Canvas, student email accounts, and SSC lyndaCampus, and our campus has numerous tutoring offerings, as well. Students can visit the Geek Hauz on campus for one-on-one help with technology.