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Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]
  1. What are the required skills and technology for taking an online class?
  2. Are eLearning classes self-paced? What IS an eLearning class?
  3. How do I become a student at South Seattle College?
  4. What if I attend another college and just want to transfer SSC online course credits back to it?
  5. I just registered for an online class - will I be contacted? What do I do next?
  6. How/where do I get my books and course materials?
  7. SouthSouth.edu eMail - How do I log in?
  8. I need online tutoring for my classes! 
  9. Is there anyway I can get training for Microsoft office applications?
  10. Do eLearning classes transfer? 
  11. Do I need a Placement Test? 
  12. Where do I go to get a Test Proctored?
  13. How do I make sure my Campus records are correct and up-to-date? 
  14. I can't find an answer on this fabulous web site
  15. Online Proctoring

 South Seattle College eLearning Office 
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It is recommended you start with our Steps to Enroll or "I'm Registered, Now What?" pages,  but if you are having difficulty finding the information you need, please fill out a help request (include your SID if you are a student), send us an email eLearning@southseattle.edu, or give us a call (206) 934-7930. We are here to help you Monday - Thursday, 9am -12pm.

SSCC Distance Learning
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