'Fully Online' & 'Hybrid' eLearning Course Information 

Summer 2017 List of Fully Online and Hybrid Courses

Fall 2017 List of Fully Online and Hybrid Courses

Registration starts May 15th for current students and May 22 for new students

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  • FULLY ONLINE course: All instruction takes place completely online using a learning management system (LMS). Check with the course instructor for course requirements and participation specifics as some online courses may require a campus visit for orientation or proctored exam(s). Links to faculty contact information are provided below.  Online course fee is required. 
  • HYBRID course: Hybrid courses require both online and regularly scheduled face-to-face participation. Required face-to-face meeting times are outlined in the Class Schedule. Check with the course instructor for information about the online requirements for the course. Links to faculty contact information are provided below.  Hybrid course fee is required. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Online courses are accessible on the first day of their respective quarters, unless otherwise indicated by their instructor. Contact your course instructor for all information about your online course's content management system, required course materials, etc.

You've registered, the quarter has begun, now get started!
  1. Purchase your course materials

  2. Contact your instructor

  3. Log in to Canvas using the instructions HERE

  4. Read and print the Welcome Letter

  5. I can't log in to Canvas! (Or Help! my class isn't showing up in Canvas!)
    Remember, while most of our online and hybrid courses are taught on Canvas, not all are. Please check your registration, then contact your instructor (see step #2) to confirm your online class website. If you are both registered AND your instructor uses Canvas, then re-read the login directions here: https://sites.google.com/a/seattlecolleges.edu/canvas/student-login

  6. Contact us at elearning@southseattle.edu, or fill out our Help Request form, if you continue to have login issues after the first day of the quarter.

  7. REMEMBER: Successful eLearning students have the necessary time and skills (including patience and flexibility) to learn online and complete their online assignments. Before you take any online class, you should be confident about your computer equipment and study skills, as well as understanding that technical problems sometimes require backup computer plans.

  8. Take a deep breath...You're going to do fine, and we're here to help you!