'Fully Online' & 'Hybrid' eLearning Course Information 

Fall 2017 List of Fully Online and Hybrid Courses

NEW!  Winter 2018 List of Fully Online and Hybrid Courses

Find all campus course offerings listed the South Seattle College Class Schedule

FULLY ONLINE courses: All instruction takes place completely online using a learning management system (LMS). 
May require a campus visit for orientation or proctored exam(s). Online course fee is required. 

HYBRID course: Hybrid courses require both online and regularly scheduled face-to-face participation.  
Hybrid course fee is required. 

You've registered, the quarter has begun, now get started!
  1. Purchase your course materials HERE

  2. Read your online class Course Listing (click on link for "List of Fully Online and Hybrid Courses" at top of page)

  3. Contact your online teacher by email (you'll find this in your course listing) and ask any questions you may have about your online course.

  4. If you are taking a face-to-face course with an online component ("web-enhanced"), ask your instructor for login directions, but contact eLearning staff if you experience any login problems.

  5. Log in to Canvas (Login button located on the right hand side of screen) using the instructions HERE
    NOTE: Do not use the password from another campus - you will not see your classes for South. Use the username/password furnished by SOUTH. Read this if you have questions. 
    Problems? Contact eLearning staff.

  6. Read the Welcome Letter. The Welcome Letter contains valuable info including help sites and payment policies.

  7. HELP! I can't log in to Canvas! or... I can log in but I don't see my classes!
    -Make sure you aren't using a login from another campus or previous quarter.
    -NOT ALL COURSES are taught using Canvas. Check with your teacher.
    -Check your registration. Wait List students cannot access Canvas until they are registered.|
    -Contact us if you continue to have login issues after the first day of the quarter.

  8. REMEMBER: Successful eLearning students have the necessary time and skills (including patience and flexibility) to learn online and complete their online assignments. Before you take any online class, you should be confident about your computer equipment, computer skills, and study skills, as well as understanding that technical problems sometimes require backup computer plans. You will be responsible for learning the technology needed to complete your class. 

  9. Take a deep breath...You're going to do fine, and we're here to help you!