The following information comes from our Canvas Student Orientation web page.
We're duplicating its information here only as a "backup plan" in case Canvas is ever down.

Canvas help

The many ways to get Canvas Training, Support & Help!

LOGIN Instructions
    • Seattle College STUDENT  "Username" = Student ID Number (SID) Ex: 925123456   (no hyphens or spaces)
    • Seattle College EMPLOYEE "Username" = Email address (as supplied to Canvas trainer or  admin.)

    • Seattle College STUDENT & EMPLOYEE "Password" = 1st (6) letters of your last name  (lowercase, ignore punctuation, hyphens and spaces, repeat your last name if needed until you have 6 letters)


Registered Canvas users wanting to reset their Canvas password must do the following to reset their password ... 

    1. Click the 'LOGIN HELP' (link) located on the college Canvas login page directly under the Username (input) field. 
    2. Type in your email address (See college contact information must be kept current information listed below).
    3. Click the Request Password (button)
    4. Login to your email account  (the application associated with your registered email address)
    5. Find the email Canvas sent to use the reset your password link (check your SPAM if it doesn't show up in your Inbox)
      Login Help

      YOUR COLLEGE CONTACT INFORMATION  MUST BE CURRENT ... Each college Canvas system uses the email address (as entered by the student when they enrolled at the campus) when  a "request a Canvas password" is made.  To update your "registered" email, go to (Your Student ID number and Personal ID number are required to make changes to your campus registration information)

  1. GUIDES ... 
    Canvas Help (menu)
    Always start with Canvas' Guides first to research what you're looking for. That's where we, your support staff, always start; and most often where we find your answers. 

  2. HELP (link) ...
    When you're logged in to Canvas you can access help, support and training tools via the HELP link (located in the top-right corner of Canvas)

    Help Link Location

  3. eLEARNING Staff are Canvas Ninjas, too! ...
    During eLearning office hours Canvas students can find help via South's eLearning staff on campus!
      * Canvas Faculty, Staff & Administrators (college employees) training/support goes through the TLC team

  4. Canvas 'System Status' ...
  5. Canvas 'Report Trouble (form)' ...