Create Your Website

All SSCC employees and students are encouraged to create a public "portal" website using a free SSCC Google Apps for Education (SSCC GA4E) email account.

PORTAL websites
SSCC employees (faculty, staff and administrators) typically create and use their "portal" website much like an online business card. On it they list their contact informationresponsibilities and include links to courses they teach, resources, materials and campus information.  Very helpful for students and peers!

PORTFOLIO websites
SSCC students typically use their SSCC GA4E website as an education portfolio to demonstrate their body of work. Very helpful for advisors!!

Once issued your SSCC GA4E email account you have the following educational, always available online collaboration tools and more!
  1. 7GB of email storage
  2. super easy website creation capabilities for your various audiences (students, peers, etc.). Each website you create belongs to you (unless you share it with others) and can be made "public" or "password access only" with a simple check of a box, anytime, 24/7)
    • portal (an "about you" website for the public to find your most current info)
    • course info and materials (face-2-face, web-enhanced and/or fully online)
    • committee collaboration (share live documents documents - no more passing revisions back and forth in email)
    • inner-office productivity ... and much more!

  3. online (password-protected) storage for private and shared 
    • calendars
    • digital files (images, word docs, excel spreadsheets, powerpoint presentations, online forms, etc.)
    • instructional and marketing videos .. and much more!

Dear faculty, If you don't find your portal listed below, please submit your portal website page's URL (web address) to us via this form link so we can add you to this list:

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Faculty Website Examples (4 minutes)

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