Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
As the new academic year approaches, here are some Federal Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) reminders, refreshers and best practices that help keep the College in compliance.   


As a South Seattle Community College Employee, you may receive inquiries of a personal nature regarding students or prospective students.  Before you release any information, be sure that you apply the following guidelines:


NO release of the following Personally Identifiable information should be made to the general public (i.e., other schools, collecting agencies, police, federal agencies, friends, etc.) regarding the student or prospective student’s status:


                (a)          Phone number(s) of students or groups of students.

                (b)          Address(es) of students or groups of students.

                (c)          Grades, test results, counseling records, medical history, etc.

                (d)          Social security numbers/SIDs

                (e)          Race/ethnicity, nationality or gender


It is allowable for college personnel to release the following information, commonly called student directory information, to the general public.  Student employees however, should refer these requests for information to their supervisor.  Note:  An SSCC student may have submitted a “do not release any information about me” indicated by a Do Not Release in the address section of registration screen (SM700A).  Your supervisor has wider access to the student management information screens to check student’s release instructions and should therefore handle any requests for information. 


Directory information which can be released without student’s written consent:


(a)                Student’s name

(b)               The act of enrollment in the college

(c)                Date(s) of enrollment

(d)               Area of study, i.e. College Transfer, Home and Family Life, Automotive

(e)               Awards granted to the student by the college (degrees and certificates earned)

(f)                 Participation in officially recognized activities in sports

(g)                Weight and height of athletic team members

(h)               Email address(es)


Emergency requests for information should be referred to the Associate Dean or Vice President for Student Services.


Additional FERPA information and guidelines can be found online at http://www.southseattle.edu/registration/ferpa.aspx and https://www.southseattle.edu/southnet/ferpa/FERPA-Basics.pdf


Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.






Greg Dempsey, Jr.

Associate Dean of Enrollment Services

South Seattle Community College


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