Enrollment Service and Grading Information


§  When can I start entering my grades for end of quarter

Grade rosters are accessible in Instructor Briefcase (IBC) 

§  What is the grading scale in use?

Active decimal grades are:  0.0, 1.0 to 4.0

Active letter grades are: I, NC, S, Y

*Important reminder:  If you give a student a “0.0”, “NC” or an “I (incomplete), please include the last date of attendance.

*Further information on the grading scale can be found on page 40 of the 14-16 catalog


§  My class ends after the deadline for the campus.  How do I submit grades?

Please contact Diane Strick, Registration and Records at (206) 934-6438.


§  I am a new faculty member, walk me through the grading submission process.

Go to www.southseattle.edu and click IBC at the bottom of the home page.  You will find instructor briefcase under a pass protected site.  Once you have opened the IBC page, you will need your faculty I.D. and your PIN # to log in and access your class rosters.  There is an IBC tutorial  available for first time users once you have logged in.


§  What if I forgot to check my roster and discover that a student has been attending my class and their name does not appear on my IBC grade roster?

You are encouraged to check your class roster in IBC throughout the quarter to ensure everyone attending your class is officially registered.  Students who are not registered but attending will be required to complete a Late Add Petition and pay a $10.50 per credit late fee. If you discover a student does not appear on your grade roster, submit the student's name and grade on a Grade Change form available in your division or registration office.  Refer the student to registration to insure they are properly enrolled and paid.


§  For further assistance, please contact Diane Strick at (206) 934-6438




ü  Important Dates and Deadlines are published in the quarterly class schedule and online through the district website


ü  Instructor Briefcase (IBC) allows access to class rosters and the submission of grades.  Please use this tool early and often!  For assistance, contact Marla Coan


ü  We often communicate through e-mail.  Please continue to monitor your SSCC e-mail throughout the quarter for any important information or updates


ü  Check your class roster through (IBC) – PLEASE make sure that all students who are physically attending your class are also on your roster – the goal is to have all students registered by the 10th day of the quarter


ü  Students on your roster who have not shown up or contacted you within the first 3 days of class, should be dropped for non-attendance.  To drop these students, please complete the attached Admin Drops form and return to the Registration office for processing


ü  Waitlists are automatically processed the first 3 days of the quarter.  Students can view their waitlist and registration status online through MySouth. Students will also be notified through e-mail if they have been registered for a waitlisted class. Beginning the 4th day of the quarter, students may bring their signed enrollment forms to the Registration Office for processing


ü  Understand your responsibilities with FERPA



The Enrollment Services Team That Is Here To Help


Marilyn Anderson-Burt / Residency and general student enrollment problems/concerns

Ngoc Chung / Credentials evaluation, Graduation, Degree Audit and Hershey

Marla Coan / Grades and student records, Clearinghouse, Waitlist back-up

Greg Dempsey / Policies and Procedures, FERPA, Petitions

Kim Hoang / Front counter registration, Waitlist and Low scholarship

Danelle Johnson / Institutional data, State Board reporting, SMS editing, trouble shooting

Arne Reed / Credentials evaluation, Graduation, Degree Audit and Hershey

Diane Strick / Front counter registration, Dean’s List and Drops

Anne Zadra / Front counter registration and Outgoing Transcript Requests