All SSCC employees are issued the following ... 
  1. Employee Identification Number (EID)
    This is normally setup for you by your Program Coordinator (PC) or Hiring Manager (HM).
  2. Campus (Computer) Network (Login and Password)
    Login/passwords for campus computer access is issued by SSCC IT and is typically processed for new hires by their hiring manager and/or division support staff

  3. Employee Email Account(s):
    • SCCD Microsoft Outlook Email 
      Set up by your Program Coordinator (PC) or your Hiring Manager (HM).  This is your official email for all important employee information like grade submission due dates, department announcements, etc.
    • SSCC Google Apps for Education (GA4E) Email 
      To request your account, please fill out this form. Your SSCC GA4E account provides access to your portal website (treated much like an online business card), any course websites you'd like to create and a variety of cloud 'collaboration' tools: Google Docs, calendars and more
  4. Campus Tools and Web Applications Training
    Contact your Teaching & Learning Center [TLC] for all employee training


  • Counseling & Advising (website)
  • Faculty Quarterly Evaluations (elearning/classroom)
    * Login into SCCD Intranet with SCCD Outlook credentials
    * Select Instruction
    * Select Evaluations eLearning or
      Evaluations Classroom
    * Select Order Evaluations
    * Follow the prompts to complete your order
  • Grading System: District Instructions



  • 206  934-0911 On Duty Campus Security Cell Phone (dial 9 first when on campus phone) 5:00am - 10:30pm
  • 206 934-5157 Security Office