South Seattle College lyndaCampus

UPGRADED to LinkedIn Learning on December 17, 2018

FREE online instruction for all South Seattle College (SSC) employees and actively enrolled students!

SSC LinkedIn Learning supports and inspires students, faculty, and staff at any skill level with video instruction. Teaching hundreds of software, creative, education, and business skills, LinkedIn Learning tutorials are current and effective.


  • Share and assign playlists to support individualized learning
  • Mobile device and downloadable videos access 
  • Searchable course transcripts for quick answers
  • Bookmarks for favorite sections and easy reference
  • Downloadable exercise files that reinforce retention
  • New courses added every week at no additional cost


  • Explore hundreds of topics
  • Embrace the flipped classroom model
  • Map content to syllabi and supplement textbooks
  • Integrate technology into the classroom
  • Get immediate, just-in-time answers to questions
  • Expand a resume and prepare for the workforce
DIFFERENCES between the Seattle Public Library (SPL) and King County Library (KCL) v.s. South Seattle College's (SSC) LinkedIn Learning accounts
  1. CURRICULUM - Faculty can confidently align their curriculum with South's LinkedIn Learning training library for their students. South faculty are assured all students (not in Seattle or King county library districts) have access to LinkedIn Learning training via their accounts. Learn more about Teaching with LinkedIn Learning, 
  2. BOOKMARKS & PLAYLISTS - These features persist with your SSC LinkedIn Learning account but not with a public library account
  3. MOBILE APP can't be used with a public library account.
  4. DATA - South's LinkedIn Learning account provides important data regarding professional development activity for Accreditation reports, only. No personal LinkedIn information is provided to the college
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Upon request, all actively enrolled students and employees can receive an SSC LinkedIn Learning account via an activation email sent to their verified Microsoft Office 365 (O365) account.
* SSC LinkedIn Learning activation emails are sent to accounts, only
To activate your O365 account ... 

- first
 'get credentials' to login to your account here,

- then
 provide your email address to us via the request LinkedIn Learning account (links) listed above
Users with an SSC LinkedIn Learnings account activated before May 1 2018 will still use their username to login to their SSC LinkedIn Learning account, unless we're asked to change their account's username by the owner of that account.
EMPLOYEES use this form to request LinkedIn Learning account *

LinkedIn Learning activation emails are sent to accounts, only

LOGIN (after activation)


The video (below) talks about configurations of offered to educational institutions. South Seattle College purchased the lyndaCampus license so all South employees and registered students have access to its library!

Click this image to watch an introduction video called, "Learning with"

Learning and teaching with Lynda