Steps for Setting up Your iPad to Receive eMail

We recommend students set up their SSCC GA4E or personal email account on their iPad by choosing the the following options:
  1. SETTINGS (app)
  2. Mail, Contacts, Calendars (icon)
  3. Add Account
  4. Gmail
  5. type in the student's full name, Example: John Doe
  6. type in the student's preferred Gmail account or their SSCC GA4E student email address (you can make as many accounts as you like in this system)
  7. type in their email password
  8. type in a logical name for this account. Example: Personal Gmail (or) SSCC Google Apps for Education Email
  9. click the NEXT button (the system will authenticate/verify the account)
    • if a "Cannot Connect Using SSL" dialog box appears, choose YES
    • if a "IMAP server "" is not responding ... " dialog box appears, be sure you have a good network connection (wifi or 3g) and try again.
    • If the student is on campus, they'll need to sign to the campus network (using Wifi) on their iPad.
  10. Once authenticated, the student will see a final screen listing Mail, Calendar and Notes (icons) and clicks the SAVE button.