Managing a "Team" of iPads

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Here is very simplistic recommendation (not supported) alternative (self managing) example to consider:

A department (like Upward Bound) gets issued iPads. Here's how your iPad administrator might consider coordinating their apps and use.
  1. Create one "SSCC Upward Bound" iTunes account that all department staff who are issued department iPads will use to sync (update) their iPad OS and apps. Create the account on one computer, allow sharing (it will allow up to 5 shared computers).  Here's more interesting conversation about 'sharing'

    Also, you *may* be able to setup an iTunes account without using a credit card by using a gift card instead.
    But I haven't tried this method myself (I've only read about it), as I use a credit card.

  2. Issue the following instructions to your team of iPad uses:

More smart ways to manage teams / groups of ipads: