Not getting the web experience you need from Safari (iPad's native browser)? 
Try out some of these alternative browser (apps): DolphiniSwifterCloudBrowse, SkyFire and Opera
Skyfire Cloud Browse
Each of the icon (apps) on this web page will take you to alternative browser app (descriptions/downloads) for your iPad. 

Give them a try if you're not finding your Safari (app) providing you with the experience you need

The iPad comes preloaded with basic applications (apps) and these are called "mobile" apps. One of these (mobile) apps is Apples' powerful and popular laptop/computer browser, Safari.

Mobile Safari (for the iPad) is not the same browser one finds on a typical Mac laptop or tower computer - but it's getting close!

However, one of its (the iPad's Safari browser) most controversial differences is its inability to run 'flash' (a plugin-dependent animation platform).  A decision made by Apple (and Microsoft's upcoming browser) for a variety of reasons. Largely to push developers into the direction of using more meaningful and secure web code (HTML5).


Here also is a list of Eleven iOS browser alternative (apps)" for you to peruse.