Tuitions are charged monthly, from September to May, which is the Co-op Preschool school year.  When enrolling in preschool during the registration process, families are asked to pay a tuition deposit of one month to hold their spot, and then this is applied to their May tuition.
The tuition is set by each preschool site anually and can vary between preschools.  Tuition is paid monthly to the individual site.  For more information regarding tuition for an individual class tuition, contact Judy Hall at or 206-938-2278.
Tuition includes the child's preschool tuition and also the parent's tuition for her/his enrollment in the SSCC non-credit parent education class.


There is a $50 non-refundable registration fee for registering for a new class each year.


Scholarships are available for full and partial tuition, from both the Mary E. Phillips Scholarship Fund, which is administered by the SSCC PAC (Parent Advisory Committee), and in-house scholarships at the sites.  All scholarship information is handled with care and confidentiality.
To apply for a Mary E. Phillips Scholarship: Complete file  and turn into your Parent Instructor.
To apply for a site scholarship: Contact the Parent Instructor for the class.

Other Expenses

Other expenses that families might encounter are fieldtrip fees and purchasing snacks on a rotating basis.  These fees vary by class.