What is PAC?

The Parent Advisory Council, or PAC, is a group of representatvies from each individual preschool with the South Seattle Community College Parent Co-op System.  Members of the Parent Advisory Council guide decisions on preschool policies, lobby on behalf of preschools and kids, and manage and coordinate fundraising for the Mary E. Phillips Scholarship Fund.
Operating primarily on donations, the Mary E. Phillips Scholarship Fund provides partial tuition assistance to many eligible families each quarter.  Without this help, many families would not be able to continue attending co-op.
In addition to supporting scholarships, this fund can be available in case of emergency expenditures.
Acting on overwhelming feedback from preschool families, PAC has adopted a one-time donation system for this scholarship fund, in lieu of a mandatory fundraising event.
Co-op familes are encouraged to inquire about employer matching programs. 
For more information regarding PAC or how to represent your class or site,
please contact Linda Chase at