Google Apps for Education (GA4E)
Website vs. Web Page 
(directory/file management decision making tips) 

We recommend creating websites for committees, teams, course, etc. - not individual web pages to represent these types of groups all under one website, for the many reasons including the following: 
  1. File/page management is greatly improved when an entire website can be easily turned off and on as a whole. Whereas, trying to turn a single web page off or on (making it visible or invisible to the public when it's not needed -but you don't want it delete) is not easy - outside of deleting or trying to hide it (which doesn't mean it can't still be found by search engines, etc.).
  2. Website owners can manage an entire website with password-level functionality (not easily accomplished in GA4E with one page at a time). A very important feature for many of our faculty, admins, divisions and committees looking for locked down environment options.
  3. Faculty portal sites must be 'public' so South's potential, current and returning students, faculty and administrators can easily find the most current contact and course information as updated/maintained by its individual owner.
  4. Theme (designs) are related to whole websites, not individual web pages. To provide a design/theme for a committee, course, etc.  create a website for it so you can manage its theme independent of other site themes.