(7) "Site" Requirements

All requests for *new* Google Apps for Education (GA4E) accounts for SSC employees (faculty, staff and admin) go through SSC's eLearning. Fill out this form for employee acct creation and/or resetting your GA4E password.

  1. Campus THEME (for faculty portal websites)
    All faculty are issued a 'portal' website where they publish/maintain their own contact information, office hours, curriculum vitae, links to course materials, etc.  This 'portal' site needs to be the same "theme" as you see here on this training website to 'brand' with our campus website for students to find, recognize and use.

    * Faculty who've had a portal site for several years are slowly updating theirs (with our help) using this training

    Please contact a TLC Associate (or call Sara Newman @ 206.395.9322) if you need assistance with getting started. We will confirm your portal site web address, username and password. And, if training is desired, we can also direct you to a wonderful TLC Associate in your discipline.

    * Once your portal site is ready for "prime time" (the public), let us know &  we'll add you to the faculty site list!

    • academics
    • b&ts
    • campus
    • ced
    • committees 
    • departments
    • elearning
    • events
    • georgetown
    • iep
    • library
    • portal
    • prof tech
    • programs
    • resources
    • services
    • students
    • template
    • training
    When you create your GA4E 'sites', please identify its category (when prompted) using only the names listed to your right. Use commas if you want to list yours under more than one category.

    Default banner
    SSC employees, please use our default banner that comes with our "templates" when you're creating a "portal" website to provide campus branding and uniformity for our various audiences.

    Please find our (4 minute) Website Banner training video in our Training Videos (list) to your left to learn "How to Edit a Banner (.psd) file to use on your website. Or contact Sara Newman (email = SaraNewman@SouthSeattle.edu) and she'll create it for you, if needed.

    • Please do not replicate content managed by PIO on the main campus website, printed quarterly schedule and brochures created by the college or in the District catalog. Duplicating sources results in confusion.
    • Create links to any information you want to include, but are not responsible for. For example, campus calendar, maps and directions, specific course information, etc.
    • Make a commitment to maintain your website material every quarter. Advice: It's best to have more than one person in charge of its information if you're a department, program or service.
  5. Release form

    You MUST OWN your photos and material.

    To use photos of identifiable people on your web pages, have the identifiable people complete the following Model Release (PDF).  Keep signed copies for yourself and submit originals to your SSCC Public Information Office (RSB154).

    To learn about fair use and copyright, visit the following:

  6. FOOTER [Owner Contact Information, Disclaimer, etc.]
      Always provide the following footer information on all your site pages:

  7. This website is authored and maintained by (Your Name Goes Here)

    For all questions about this website's contents, please email (Your Email Address Goes Here)
    Campus Website | Disclaimer | Privacy Notice | Equal Opportunity Statement of Accommodation
    6000 16th Avenue SW, Seattle, WA 98106 South Seattle Community College, All rights reserved.


    Notify our eLearning staff when your new portal site is ready for prime time and we'll add you to our ever-growing faculty portals list!

NEED HELP with Google Apps for Education SITES? Make an appointment with
TLC Associate (web developer and faculty), Olga Szemetylo

If you're information is required to be managed by PIO
on our campus website, please contact our PIO

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