Google Apps for Education
(GA4E) Student and Employee Accounts
    Microsoft Office 365
(O365) Student Employee Accounts
Since 2007, GA4E has been available to all 
Seattle college students and employees.

Please request your GA4E account with this form

To learn more about GA4E, please review our FAQs below
As of January 2016, O365 became 
available to all Seattle college registered students.
As of September 2016 all employees have O365, too!

To learn more about O365, please refer to district's web page,

NOTE: To be issued either of the above .edu email accounts, you must be a registered student or employee with South Seattle College. If the following information doesn't work please fill out our Support Center Help Form

How do I activate my (GA4E) account and login for the first time?

  1. Login page =
  2. Username = your entire GA4E email address
    1st initial + entire lastname + last 3 digits of SID + 

               Example 1: Jane Reilly, SID 123456789  
               Example 2: 
    Jane Doe-Reilly, SID 123456789

               Example 3: Jane O'Reilly, SID 123456789 

  3. Password (1st login only) 
    1st initial + entire lastname + last 3 digits of SID +temp 
               Example: jreilly789temp <-- case sensitive
    NOTE: upon 1st login you'll be prompted to choose your own password. 
             After that, this temporary password will not work.
NEED HELP?  To request a password reset, or other assistance with your account, fill out this online form (include your full name & SID) or seek out STARS (Student Technology Advice and Resource Support) in South's Library Commons

How to Forward my Email

These days we all have too many email accounts. To help narrow down how many we need to check for mail, we can forward our email to our preferred email account with these instructions.

    1. Login to your email account or
    2. Click the Gear (icon) in the upper-right hand corner
    3. Select  'Mail Settings'
    4. Click 'Forwarding and POP/IMAP' (tab)
    5. Click "Add a Forwarding Address"
    6. Enter your preferred email address - click "Next"
    7. A message tells you "a Confirmation Code has been sent to verify permission" - click "OK"
    8. Go to your preferred email account to find your confirmation email from South Seattle College with a link in it - click the link
    9. Go back to your email account (gear icon > email settings > Forwarding POP/IMAP)
    10. Click the radio button next to 'Forward a copy of incoming mail to' 
    11. Click "Save Changes" (at the bottom of the page)
    12. NOTE: Send a test email to your account to be sure it's working as expected

Google Apps for Education - South Seattle College
What are Google Apps for Education (GA4E)?

Google Apps (for Education) is a collection of communication and collaboration tools available to all students and employees at South Seattle, North Seattle, Georgetown and Seattle Central College(s). 

Several things Google Apps for Education (GA4E) apart from a public Google account with apps.  For example, GA4E provides unlimited drive space and there are no ads! Also, a .edu account can provide numerous discounts in many markets.

Google Apps for Education includes the following and more ... 

      • Docs (documents)
      • Sheets (spreadsheets)
      • Slides (presentation)
      • Forms (online forms!)
    • GMAIL (12) Training Videos
    • SITES (17) Training Videos
    • CALENDAR (14) Training Videos

.edu (email account) BENEFITS!

Gmail v.s. Google Apps for Education

While our Google Apps for Education (GA4E) system is hosted by Google and includes Gmail and Google Apps, it is completely separate and independent from other Google accounts you may have.

You can have both a regular Gmail account and a South Seattle College campus student email and apps (GA4E) account. You can even be logged into both simultaneously and easily "switch" toggle between your two accounts!

For a detailed explanation on differences between a Google Account and Google Apps please read this.


Do people at Google or South know my (GA4E) password?

Absolutely NOT. Google has an encrypted hash created from your password. Google's Recommended Security Checklist


Is my (GA4E) Account Ever Deleted?

South Seattle College (SSC) Google Apps for Education (GA4E) accounts are never deleted without the owner's consent.

Since 2007, Google has provided educational institutions massive amounts of free educational tools. Including unlimited DRIVE space. 

Do GA4E accounts share info with other campus accounts?

Nope - South Seattle College Google Apps for Education (GA4E) accounts are NOT related to any other campus accounts - However, they are used as a unique user ID to login to lyndaCampus for students (employees login with their account as a unique user ID for

GA4E accounts reside on Google servers, only. These are separate systems that bear similar login and password structure, only.

Three Ways to ‘Opt Out’ of Email Broadcasts (Filter, Delete Account, and Stop Forwarding)