Way back in the beginning of 2006, South Seattle 'early adopters' began investigating a myriad of online applications as another means of delivering education (in particular for face-2-face, hybrid and online classrooms) and to bring back our 'student e-mail accounts'.

At that time, we discovered a powerful 'Intranet' integrated suite of tools being offered educators and their students for FREE - giving each of our users over 7GB of storage!
It didn't take long before South seriously got on board and by March 27th 2008, SouthSeattle Email & Web Apps was officially launched and it has been quietly growing bigger and bigger throughout our campus and the district since.

Even our sister campus, Central (SCCC) has adopted these powerful and secure tools and North (NSCC) is 'seriously considering it for student e-mail', as well!
So what does this mean to you? Read on! :)


IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: By subscribing to an SSCC E-mail & Web Apps account, you acknowledge that Google is not acting on behalf of South Seattle Community College and any e-mail transmission between you and College employees or others is subject to Google's Gmail privacy statement on the use and disclosure of e-mail.

With your SSGA Account you get an integrated suite of the following applications - yours for free from here on and available to you anywhere you have a computer with Internet access!
SSCC E-Mail (ridiculous amount of e-mail space with the #1 search tool, chat tool and more!)
SSCC START Page (maintain your own start page widgets: 'notes', news and much more!)
SSCC CALENDAR (create shared calendars and much more!)
SSCC DOCS (produce and share docs, spreadsheets, presentations and much more!)
SSCC TALK (Chat with other students and anyone who have a gmail or aim account! More alternate client services on the horizon!)
SSCC SITES (Create your own online student portfolio of homework!)

How to "SIGN IN"

Upon registration, every South student is automatically issued their own SSCC E-mail & Web Apps account.

Use the following Username and Password schema to access all of the above SSCC E-mail & Web Apps online collaborative tools!
  • Username = 1st letter of your first name + your whole last name + the last 3 digits of your Student Identification Number (SID)
  • Password = Same as your Username until you change it, or as assigned by elearning staff
  • SIGN IN here = http://students.southseattle.edu
** Request Assistance (if you have trouble signing in)** 

* Watch this video to see what "Signing In" for the first time looks like
[7+ minutes video (*no audio)]

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Q: Who can help me when I've forgotten my SSGA password or username?
A: SSCC E-mail & Web Apps administrators, Sara Newman and/or Janice Lonergan (please fill out this form for assistance)

Q: I already have a gmail account - why would I want another?
A: Your SSCC E-mail & Web Apps account offers more features to our campus than the usual gmail account. For example, it has built-in collaborative tools for team projects. Plus you'll have an official college e-mail address to use when submitting work to potential employers, etc. SSCC E-mail & Web Apps also provides a powerful online area to maintain your student work v.s. your personal online materials. That said, you can always FORWARD your SouthSeattle.edu e-mail to a preferred e-mail account. You can also take the reverse approach and point up to 5 different e-mail accounts towards your new SSCC E-mail account.
Watch these videos to learn how ...
Q: Where do I login?
A: There are several ways to access SSCC E-mail & Web Apps. Try any of the following based upon your preferred starting point.
Reminder of what you use to login (don't forget to logout when you're done!)
    • Username = 1st letter of your first name + last name + last 3 digits of your Student Identification Number (SID)
    • Password = Same as your Username until you change upon first signing into SSCC E-mail & Web Apps account, OR as assigned by eLearning staff
Q: Is my campus (computer) network account linked to my SSCC E-mail & Web Apps account?
A: No. Only the account names are the same. There is no link between South Seattle's network and your SSCC E-mail & Web Apps account.
Q: Who can help me if I experience technical problems with SSCC E-mail & Web Apps?
A: Visit http://google.com/support/a/users/?hl=en for excellent online help :P

Request Assistance!

** REQUEST "SSCC E-Mail & Web Apps" Assistance **

Training Videos (from SSCC's TLC)

  • TLC Video: Upload PowerPoint into your Docs - Publish it - Add to a SITES web page- 3 min. video (no audio)

  • TLC Video: How to login to your SSCC Web Apps websites when they're not public
    ~ with an alternate email address that you've supplied to the owner of the SSCC Web Apps website you're trying to access.

  • TLC Video: How to publish a document so its visible on the Internet/YourWebsite - 1.7 min video (no audio)

  • TLC Video: ADD COLLABORATORS to your sites (1 minute)

  • TLC Video: CREATE a DOC, SHARE it, and then add it (INSERT) to your site pages (3.5 minutes)
  • Two different ways we can share our files (.docs .xls .ppt - file types) via our SSCC Web Apps account, 24/7!
  • one way is to upload your files into your DOCS and then share them with other southseattle.edu, gmail or google email addresses (5 minutes)
  • another way is to create a "file cabinet" web page on your website where you can very easily upload files for folks to find (if you've set your website as public or by invitation only) as needed (4+ minutes)
  • 11 interesting ways to use Docs in classrooms and training!
  • DOCS (13) Training Videos (on YouTube!)
  • GMAIL (10) Training Videos (on YouTube!)
  • SITES (11) Training Videos (on YouTube!)
  • CALENDAR (8) Training Videos (on YouTube!)

  • Testimonial Videos!

    Teachers and Principals Talk about Google Docs

    Students talk about Apps in Education

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