S.T.A.R.S. = Student Technology Advice & Resources Support
STARS are located in the Library Commons at the LAB HELP desk

When STARS are unavailable, please use our online form to request help
and we'll respond within 1-2 business days.

Student Technology Advice and Resources Support

SSC lyndaCampus

Resources, Workshops and Support Info http://sites.southseattle.edu/lynda

Computer Access

There are 36 student computers on the first floor of the library and another 60 student computers on the second floor of the library in LIB203

For information regarding these computers, call 206.934.5844

Digital Storage Space for Students

IMPORTANT: SSC students do not have (digital file) storage space provided to them on campus computers. Please do not save files on campus computers

Saving Files Options

  • Save your digital files to your (online) "SSC GA4E Drive" via your SSC student e-mail
  • Save your files to a USB Flash Drive

Email Accounts for Students

How to sign into CAMPUS COMPUTERS (for students)

1st letter
 of your 1st name + whole last name last 3 digits of your Student Identification Number (SID)  
 Username John Doe = jdoe123
 Password: The same as your login name until you change it when you first sign into the network. 

How to access SSC's WiFi Network (on campus)

To access the WiFi "SouthWirelessNetwork" with a laptop/smartphone/ipad, use your device's browser to connect to http://www.southseattle.edu/wifi/
You should get a screen that asks you to identify which Operating System you're using (click either one) and then you'll get a login screen.
Type in the same username and password assigned to you for logging in to SSC's campus network computers

If you do not have a login and password for using computer stations on SSC's
 campus, make a request of SSC's Help Desk sscchelp@seattlecolleges.edu - or - see a computer lab assistant in the library. Here are this quarter's days/hours of operation.

SSC Applications (off campus v.s. on campus) Access Points

Off-Campus (SSC service/applications access information)

1.  SSC Employees Outlook , InsideColleges, & SouthNet, @seattlecolleges.edu Account/Login              Required, Contact your department/program coordinator for an SCCD account.

2.  SSC Google Apps for Education (GA4E) Accounts @southseattle.edu Account/Login                        Required, Contact eLearning staff for (GA4E) SouthSeattle.edu accts.

3.  Collaborate (Link to specific "online room" required), See owner of collaborate room for this info.

4.  Canvas (Student ID Number for Login, required), Contact eLearning staff if assistance is needed.

5.  MySouth - http://www.southseattle.edu/my-south/: Registration, PayOnline, Grades and
(Student Identification # [SID] and Personal ID# [PIN] Login Required), 
     See Registration staff for assistance.

 On-Campus (SSC service/applications access information)

  An SSC (Computer) Network Account is "required" to use any SSC campus computer

  See Computer Lab Aide for SSCC (computer) Network Account assistance

1.     Campus (licensed) Applications: Microsoft Office Applications, Adobe Applications, etc.

2.     Internet Access – provides the same online applications as listed under "Off-Campus Internet Access"

o    SSC Employees Outlook , InsideColleges, & SouthNet 
      @seattlecolleges.edu Acct/Login Req'd, Contact your dept./program coordinator for an SCCD account.

o    SSC Google Apps for Education (GA4E) Accounts 
     @southseattle.edu Acct/Login Req'd, Contact eLearning staff for (GA4E) SouthSeattle.edu accts.

o    Collaborate (Link to specific "online room" required), See owner of  Collaborate room  for this information.

o    CANVAS (Canvas Login Required), Contact eLearning staff if assistance is required.

o    MySouth - http://www.southseattle.edu/my-south/: Registration, PayOnline,
     Grades and Records (Student Identification # [SID] and Personal ID# [PIN] Login                 Required), See Registration staff for assistance