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Basic Skills for Online Instructors

Basic Skills for Online Instructors Crys, T. E. (1997) Competence in teaching at a distance. In Crys, T. E. (Ed.) Teaching and learning at a distance: What it takes to effectively design, deliver, and evaluate programs (pp. 15-18). San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass. [ Pub/Book Homepage ]

Instructors should ...
  1. know how to manage collaborative groups
  2. know how to leverage questioning strategies effectively
  3. have subject matter expertise
  4. be able to coordinate and involve students in activities
  5. have knowledge of basic learning theory
  6. have specific knowledge of E-Learning theory
  7. be able to correlate study guide with online media
  8. be able to apply graphic design and visual thinking

Seven principles of quality E-Learning
  1. Faculty and Student Contact
  2. Encouraging Cooperation
  3. Active Learning Ideas
  4. Feedback Tips!
  5. Reduce Wasted Time
  6. Communicating High Expectations
  7. Diverse Learning Talents