Headsets & Microphones

  • Are required to have a speaker or headset to hear the moderator/teacher in a Collaborate session.
  • Are not required to use a microphone in an Collaborate session as anyone can easily communicate by typing in the session's CHAT tool. 

    However, if you're helping to communicate an idea or ask questions that require a bit of typing it is highly recommend you use a headset with microphone - It's harder to successfully convey meaning and intent when typing in a chat window or email - so if you can use a microphone -- please do.
Should always use a headset with a microphone to conduct their meetings.

Important to avoid: DO NOT use a built-in microphone on a laptop or computer because you'll cause an audio feedback as your voice and your speaker sounds collide (loop).

A combo headset/mic is best and we recommend you purchase one with a USB port so it's easy to use on most any computer.

If you don't have a mic, you can type questions in chat window.

Having audio problems? Go to Tools -> Audio --> Audio Wizard ... follow the instructions to select the right input and output devices. 

If your audio sounds like a chipmunk, try changing your connection speed: Find Preferences (PC - under Edit; MAC - under BB Collaborate Menu), choose Session -> Connection.