Launcher and Login Steps

The BB Collaborate "Launcher" (for PC or Mac) needs to be loaded prior to your session on the computer. The following steps will take approximately 3-5 minutes.

NOTE Steps 2 and 3 don't need to be repeated if the "launcher" is already on your machine (PC or Mac) ...
  1. ​With a browser, click or type in the 
    ​BB Collaborate ​
    link provided for 
    ​ ​

  2. Click and download the launcher (if it's not already on your machine), it's about 40mbs and you can save it to your desktop
    ​ ​

  3. Install the launcher after it downloads
    ​ (this will likely launch a wizard you'll step through)​

    ​ ​

  4. ​After the launcher has been installed, go back to the original link provided for the session and click the JOIN button. If you don't see the JOIN button there's another link at the bottom that says something about your launcher already being installed, click that instead.
  5. Type in your full name (What you type shows up in the Participants window during your session)
    ​ ​

  6. Click the LOGIN button
    ​ ​

  7. Another file will ask to save to your computer. Allow it to download and save to your computer
    ​ ​

  8. ​Find and click this second file (it's probably in your downloads) and it will seek out the launcher app
  9. Lastly, depending upon the computer's and/or browser's memory of the last time a session was launched from your computer, the next prompts you'll encounter can be different --  it takes a moment for the necessary settings to render for the live session and you may be prompted to 'allow' a few things. Please read and respond to these prompts

  10. Success - you're in!!

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